CHA Winter 2013 – Day 2 – Mackie from Vintaj!

Everyone check out my BFF Mackie from Vintaj. She makes some beautiful jewelry pendants. Yay!
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If it’s possible to live, breathe, eat and sleep paper crafting and stamping, Stephanie Barnard is giving it her best shot. Stephanie travels internationally and domestically for Sizzix as the company spokesperson, teaching and demonstrating to thousands each year. She also works in the company’s research and development team offering invaluable insights into new products from the crafter’s perspective. Stephanie is also a licensed designer and the inspiration behind her own line of creative products for Sizzix and Clearsnap/ColorBox. Stephanie is the owner and designer of a clear stamp company, The Stamps of Life. Their stamps are proudly manufactured in the USA. In addition, Stephanie is a highly sought-after teacher and demonstrator and has appeared on numerous television shows with her work included in many books, magazines and websites. Check her current travel/teaching schedule to see if she will be at an event near you, sharing her love of Sizzix and stamping!


  1. says

    Came to the blog from FB to see all the new things and watch the videos. I’m guessing that the videos should be on these short posts (several follow) but are missing. Maybe I’ll come back and they’ll be here! Thanks!!!

  2. Jacquelene L. says

    I have found in order to see the videos you have to go to facebook. The camerman goes so fast it makes me sea sick. I am very dissapointed with the way sizzix is presenting the new releases to their customers. We are the ones buying and spending money. We want to see the new releases in a proper presentation so that we can actually see them and know what we want. I really don’t want to wait until August to see new product, like we did with Bohemian. Not happy with the way 2013 has been presented by sizzix. I have seen other companies have all their new product on their site and their videos at cha 2013 are much better. Sizzix you need to do a better job of presenting new product, make it easier for your customers not just the retailers to view it.
    Jacquelene L.

    • says

      There was a technical problem with Blogger displaying the videos. The problem has been fixed and they are now showing. As for your other suggestions, we will be blogging those things. We were attempting to share the sights and sounds of being at the show in these videos and highlight the amazing show samples we have in our booth. Once the show is over, I personally will work on posting links and images of the new collections.

    • Jacquelene L. says

      Thankyou Tammy for replying to my comment. I appreciate your prompt reply and for letting us know there was a problem. I look forward to seeing the links and images after the show is over. Thankyou for listening to your customers and addressing the issues that need to be addressed.
      Jacquelene L.

  3. Anonymous says

    where’s the new colors. New sizzix folders.We know old marine color…show us new colors.we can’t wait.
    hey give us red. White new blue and emerald. Show is the new stuff.. Also name of new folders. SELL &SHOW new new new.. we love your past tutorials. So thanks in advance.

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